New Restaurant and Bar Planned for Downtown Lancaster

New Restaurant and Bar Planned for Downtown Lancaster

In 1890, Charles Wagner announced plans to construct a new three-story hotel and tavern at the intersection of East Grant Street and Lenox Lane, taking the place of what was The Court Avenue Hotel. Working with Lancaster’s pre-eminent architect, Cassius Emlen Urban, Charlie Wagner’s Cafe opened in 1891 and was celebrated as “the handsomest bar-room in the city and finer than in many larger cities” . It operated for three decades before closing with the advent of prohibition. The property would then sit idle, used as storage for Garvin’s Department Store until the late 70’s when the Horst Group purchased the property, completed renovations, and began renting the property as offices.

It is our hope that we can honor Mr. Wagner's original vision for this property, and breathe new life into a unique and historic location that has been underutilized for years. It is a true “hidden gem”.

Bar Cassius is a new restaurant concept built on the foundation of Tea, Spirits, and Fine Foods.

Elevated as individual components, combined to create compelling cocktails, and paired with exceptional foods, Tea and Spirits set the stage for a dining experience that leads each guest on a path of discovery towards something unexpected and new.

Four distinct areas will be developed within Bar Cassius; The Bar, The Dining Room, The Parlour, and The Tasting Room. Each room is available for both private reservations and public events.

On the third floor, a suite will be available for short-term overnight stays right in the heart of Lancaster - paying homage to the property’s original use and providing a great experience for our guests.

Bar Cassius is being developed by Commons Company with opening slated for early 2023.

📷 Matthew Tennison Photography