Improv for the People

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Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
When: Wednesday, March 13th
Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Most adults are scared of improv. Even trained actors. So why do kids have so much fun in improv class? Because they don’t know any better. Some of our biggest fears are things we used to do quite naturally as kids. Improv is simply a collection of children’s games organized around the idea of making people laugh. 

The secret lies in being spontaneous. We are always improvising. Each day is a series of off-the-cuff interactions with co-workers, family and friends, bakers, baristas and caterers. We don’t rehearse life. We improv the heck out of it.

In this class, you will learn three basic concepts that will guide you to improv nirvana:
  • Always say “yes” and…
  • Make your partner look good
  • Say the first thing that comes into your head

Peter Reeves isn’t just a delivery human. He teaches improv at Fulton Theatre and Stone School in Lancaster, acts on stage and screen and improvises most of his daily conversations. 

                                                                                   “Life is improvisation” –Tina Fey