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Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
When: Thursday, February 21
Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Class will be for all levels as it’s led by the fabulous Rachel Timan at a set pace but ultimately self-paced and modifications will be provided. 

The first 15 minutes will be a cardio and conditioning portion of body weight exercises (ie pushups, high knees, squats, lunges etc), followed by 10 minutes of stretching. All with music amping us up in the background:)

The second half of the class will be learning proper kickboxing stance and technique, working on individual punches and kicks before putting them together and practicing different combos of shadow boxing (punching and kicking the air). The rounds will be 3 minutes each with 1 minute of rest in between while explaining and breaking down the next round. 

Significant others/friends invited. Only 15 slots available!

Hope to see you there!