Staff Photographer


Staff Photographer 

Job Description

Responsible for shooting, editing and producing photos and video for all of the Commons Company brands in coordination with the Creative Director. The Staff Photographer will continue to develop a content library that highlights the work of Commons in a way that is true to the vision of creating inspiring concepts and exemplifies the team living out the core values.


  • Co-design effective photo shoots, in coordination with the Creative Director, to capture the constantly changing product mix that the Commons family of ventures produces.
  • Respond to expectations recognizing some months and weeks may be less filled while others are seasonally busy.  Estimated average hours of 25-32 weekly with 90% of the time being self directed / planned.
  • Work within established timelines for pre scheduled shoots.
  • Make some shooting time available for in-the-moment capture that is not able to be prescheduled.
  • Upload content to google drive in a timely manner that is consistent with expectations set by the Creative Director.
  • Maintain strong communication with all team members to ensure projects are efficiently completed.
  • Display an affinity for Commons’ products, core values, and company culture.
  • Observe and uphold company policies.

General Requirements

  • Hold a PA Driver’s License and maintain a safe driving record.
  • Own a cell phone with ability to call, text, email, and support work-related applications.
  • Have a thorough understanding of techniques, equipment, and processes related to photography.
  • Interest in or experience with tools, equipment, and processes related to videography.
  • Possess the ability to work independently and with a team in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Exhibit good project management skills and timeliness.
  • Knowledge and interest of B-Corp practices; using a for-profit business to solve a social problem via social enterprise. 

Physical Requirements / Working Conditions

  • Must be able to lift 20 pounds.
  • Hand use: single grasping, fine manipulation, pushing and pulling, and repetitive motion.
  • Work requires the following motions: bending, twisting, squatting and reaching.

Desired Work Experience:

  • Professional photography with an emphasis on Commercial work


  • $25,000 - $33,000 annually 
  • PTO / VTO included
  • Health and dental insurance available 


Reports to: Creative Director 

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Note: Commons is an Equal Opportunity employer seeking to build an inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity of our city.  We strongly encourage applications from people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community. The purpose of this document is to provide a general summary of essential responsibilities for the position and is not meant as an exhaustive list. This document does not reflect all job duties or requirements for every position. Requirements build as one progresses through the job levels, so any job duties required at a lower level may be required at the higher level in addition to the duties listed for that higher level. Duties, assignments, and other responsibilities may differ for similar positions based on business conditions, departmental or geographic location, and/or needs for the particular position.