com·mons noun

Land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.

The Commons Company focuses the use of its available resources on…

The Team The Commons Company cares about who their employees are, where they are going, and their purpose in life. It will provide for and encourage personal and professional growth in all team members.

The Community The Commons Company recognizes the strength and energy behind a healthy community and vigorously seeks to solve social issues through the ways it employs, how it uses it’s time, and where it invests finances.

The Environment The Commons Company seeks to respect and preserve its physical and social environment through less waste and the continual pursuit of more efficient, responsible, and cost-effective systems.

The Commons Company of Lancaster, LLC is an equally owned joint venture of Crystal Weaver and Kyle Sollenberger. It was founded in January of 2015 and employs over 70 people.

Crystal Weaver

Co-founder / COO

Crystal is a visionary who enjoys creating businesses that contribute specifically to the social landscape of Lancaster city.

Her specific passion and experience is in creating job opportunities within the hospitality sector that are meaningful, empowering, and forward thinking. Crystal loves connecting people and places in ways that have lasting impact. Her strong work ethic and commitment to the city have been evident in the success of Prince St Cafe, Passenger Coffee Roasting, as well as prior city business ventures in a market stand and residential housing.

Despite her upbringing on a working farm in Millersville, Crystal has lived in Lancaster city for over a decade and cannot imagine life any other way.

Kyle Sollenberger

Co-founder / CEO

Ideas need architects to translate them into the real world. Kyle knows about spaces, people, pixels, and building codes.

He is an entrepreneur, designer, husband, and father who has a passion for creating companies that provide a compelling experience.

Before starting Commons, Kyle founded and led design and product for a number of technology startups in Pennsylvania and San Francisco — working with companies such as Twitter, ExactTarget, Byliner, and Samsung.

He now lives in Lancaster with his wife and four children.