The Commons Food Hub

Last week 
& I started receiving requests from staff and friends looking to buy flour, milk, sugar, etc... so they could avoid running out to the grocery store. At the same time, countless conversations were happening with industry peers about how we're going to get through this whole mess.
The Commons Food Hub is our attempt at meeting these needs.
Our hope is that through this effort, we will be able to provide a safe and consistent alternative to crowded grocery stores for our community while helping our team and peers sustain their livelihood.
We're offering No-contact Pickup and city wide delivery of goods from
Orders can be placed and paid for online by 4pm the day before your pickup or delivery from our HQ @ 315 E Marion St.
Visit for the full menu and instructions.
Who would have ever thought "intentional hospitality" would mean finding ways to remove human contact? Yet here we are.
— Kyle Sollenberger

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