• Kickboxing!

    Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Thursday, February 21
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm

    Class will be for all levels as it’s led by the fabulous Rachel Timan at a set pace but ultimately self-paced and modifications will be provided. 

    The first 15 minutes will be a cardio and conditioning portion of body weight exercises (ie pushups, high knees, squats, lunges etc), followed by 10 minutes of stretching. All with music amping us up in the background:)

    The second half of the class will be learning proper kickboxing stance and technique, working on individual punches and kicks before putting them together and practicing different combos of shadow boxing (punching and kicking the air). The rounds will be 3 minutes each with 1 minute of rest in between while explaining and breaking down the next round. 

    Significant others/friends invited. Only 15 slots available!

    Hope to see you there!


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  • Improv for the People

    Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Wednesday, March 13th
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm

    Most adults are scared of improv. Even trained actors. So why do kids have so much fun in improv class? Because they don’t know any better. Some of our biggest fears are things we used to do quite naturally as kids. Improv is simply a collection of children’s games organized around the idea of making people laugh. 

    The secret lies in being spontaneous. We are always improvising. Each day is a series of off-the-cuff interactions with co-workers, family and friends, bakers, baristas and caterers. We don’t rehearse life. We improv the heck out of it.

    In this class, you will learn three basic concepts that will guide you to improv nirvana:
    • Always say “yes” and…
    • Make your partner look good
    • Say the first thing that comes into your head

    Peter Reeves isn’t just a delivery human. He teaches improv at Fulton Theatre and Stone School in Lancaster, acts on stage and screen and improvises most of his daily conversations. 

                                                                                       “Life is improvisation” –Tina Fey


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  • Photo Transfer Workshop

    Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Thursday, March 21
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm

    Photo transfer, or solvent transfer, was developed by iconic artist Robert Rauschenberg. Rauschenberg first experimented with the transfer technique in the 1950’s. After soaking the printed image in a solvent, Rauschenberg placed the image face down on paper and transferred it with a series of hatch marks created by rubbing a dry pen nib across the back of the image. The results are edgeless units bound by the artist’s mark making.

    Lancaster artist and teacher Kathy Moss-Reeves has been using a similar process to create original art work for more than four decades. Join Kathy for this unique workshop and create a piece of your own on paper, copper, brass, wood, or other workable surface. The resulting picture transfers are otherworldly. They appear on the surface like gauzy memories from another time. They also make fabulous gifts!

    *Please bring a workable surface and at least two laser printed pictures or magazine/newspaper images (Color or B/W). Pictures that produce the best results have areas of contrast, light and dark, and no writing (transferred letters read backward!).

    Friends/significant others invited. Only 20 slots available!


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  • Cake Decorating!

    Cake Decorating 101 

    Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Tuesday, April 30th
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm

    Interested in learning how to decorate a cake? Our own Casey Campbell will take you through the cake decorating basics from how to stack a layered cake to learning different piping and decorating techniques. Ingredients and tools will be provided. Bring yourself and some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Participants will get to take their uniquely decorated cake home with them.

    We'll be working in our Commissary so there are some rules as to what you can wear:
    1. NO jewelry other than a plain wedding band or stud earrings.
    2. NO sleeveless shirts
    3. NO open toed shoes
    4. Must have hair covered - hair nets are available.

    Significant others/friends invited. Only 10 slots available!


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