• Cake Decorating!

    Cake Decorating 101 

    Where: HQ, 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Tuesday, April 30th
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm

    Interested in learning how to decorate a cake? Our own Casey Campbell will take you through the cake decorating basics from how to stack a layered cake to learning different piping and decorating techniques. Ingredients and tools will be provided. Bring yourself and some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Participants will get to take their uniquely decorated cake home with them.

    We'll be working in our Commissary so there are some rules as to what you can wear:
    1. NO jewelry other than a plain wedding band or stud earrings.
    2. NO sleeveless shirts
    3. NO open toed shoes
    4. Must have hair covered - hair nets are available.

    Significant others/friends invited. Only 10 slots available!


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  • Tree Planting April 26th!

    Where: Lancaster City (specific location TBD)
    When: Friday, April 26th
    Time: 9am-12pm

    Join us for a Friday morning of tree planting in Lancaster City! We are teaming up with the Lancaster Tree Tenders:) This is a great opportunity to use your VTO and get paid for participating! We're looking for 20 volunteers to make this happen.

    Susquehanna Court Tree Planting: 
    We will be planting approximately 45 smaller, 5-gallon container trees on the interior property. Plus, planting nine (9) street trees (balled and burlap) with the assistance of the City Arborist and his crew. 

    There could potentially be another ten (10) street trees planted at Washington Elementary and Hand Middle School. We are in conversation with SDOL on this possibility. 

    What you'll be doing:
    Typically, holes need to be dug (most of the larger spots will be pre-augered by the City crew), trees placed and planted, staked, mulched and clean-up.

    Hope to see you there!


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  • Plants + Wine

    Where: 315 E. Marion St.
    When: Tuesday, May 14th
    Time: 4-5:30pm

    We're propagating a variety of plants the month of April. Join us May 14th to select one of these plants and pot it in dirt and terra cotta pots provided by us! We'll provide paint to decorate the pots if you wish. Wine provided for all of those attending that are of age:) Other beverages provided!

    Friends/significant others invited!


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